The Crypto Catch-Up…

Friday, March 17, 2023 by Snacks

📸 Flashy… US and European law enforcement shuttered ChipMixer, a “crypto mixer” that lets people commingle funds to boost anonymity. Authorities said it was used by criminals, including North Korean hackers, to launder $3B+ in crypto.

🤖 Techy… The Fed said its instant-payments service, FedNow, will go live in July. The system could overhaul how Americans move money each day. Think: not having to wait for checks to clear could cut demand for payday loans.

🪙 Coins… Fidelity quietly opened its crypto service up to millions of retail customers, with bitcoin and ether available to trade. The timing suggests Fidelity isn’t dissuaded by crypto winter and increased regulatory scrutiny.

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